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Music Class

New Orleans Brass Band Incursion

An exceptional group of local jazz musicians called The Horns of Plenty has formed to spread the joy and vibrancy that a New Orleans style Brass Band can bring to your school. 

We have developed a school incursion that offers an educational, unique, and immensely enjoyable musical and cultural experience for students and teachers alike. We aim to inspire future players, especially among primary-aged students, by showcasing the often underrepresented brass and woodwind instruments in a fun and dynamic context.


To give you a taste of the real thing in New Orleans, please click on the YouTube link below:



The Horns of Plenty will visit your school and perform a range of traditional New Orleans songs, as well as our own arrangements of modern songs. During our performance, we will move around the room, playing and marching so all of the audience can see and hear the band up close and creating a truly epic brass band entrance.


We will introduce and play each instrument solo, allowing students to witness and hear instruments they may have never encountered before. One particularly impressive instrument is the Sousaphone, a marching Tuba, which always fascinates students.


As part of the incursion, we will invite students and teachers to join in by playing various percussion instruments as part of 'the second line' - the crowd that follows behind the brass. Some will play percussion, some will sing and dance. The audience will be taught a song and accompanying percussion rhythms. While there may not be enough instruments for everyone, clapping can be equally engaging and authentic, just like at a real New Orleans street parade. Everyone can participate, whether it's on an instrument, clapping, dancing, singing, or all of the above.


Let the New Orleans street parade begin! Dancers will lead, followed by the brass, percussionists, and everyone else!


If there is a group of brass or woodwind students at your school, they may have the opportunity to participate and learn a song or two in advance. We can provide the music for them to practice ahead of our visit. Intermediate or advanced students can learn the song while the percussion section is being taught simultaneously.


This incursion can be an all-school event, a class activity, a year-level performance, or exclusively for music students.


Here is a link to The Horns of Plenty having a rehearsal at Cabarita Headland, although one of the drummers is missing, this will give you an idea of the sound.



The cost of the incursion is $1800+GST for the hour session for the full six musician line-up.


We are thrilled to bring the lively spirit of New Orleans to your school and create an unforgettable musical experience for the students. If you're interested in hosting The Horns of Plenty for this musical adventure, please get in contact!


Phone: 0425 738 752

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