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NDIS Music Sessions

Thanks for enquiring about my music sessions designed for plan-managed and self-managed NDIS participants!

My name is Michael Di Cecco, and I am a skilled drummer and music educator with a passion for using music to facilitate healing and personal growth. Drawing on my extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities, I have developed an inclusive and supportive environment where all participants can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of music.

My sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each participant. Through thoughtful assessment of NDIS goals, I develop customized plans that incorporate music as a means of achieving those goals. Whether it's improving communication skills, building social connections, or promoting emotional wellbeing, I am committed to using music as a powerful tool to help participants achieve their unique objectives.

In my sessions, we explore a range of musical styles and instruments, including drums, percussion, guitar, and keyboard. Participants are encouraged to experiment with different sounds and rhythms, collaborate with each other, and express themselves through music.

I believe in the transformative power of music to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance overall well-being, and promote self-expression. Above all, my sessions are designed to be fun and engaging, fostering connections and leaving participants with a sense of accomplishment and joy.

If you are a plan-managed or self-managed NDIS participant seeking to explore the therapeutic benefits of music, I invite you to join me for a session. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to book a session.

About Me

Michael Di Cecco is a highly experienced drummer with a career spanning over 25 years. With a passion for music, he has played in many bands and explored a variety of styles, showcasing his versatility and creativity on the drums. Throughout his career, Michael has collaborated with numerous artists, performing at various venues and events, and contributing to several music recordings.

Beyond his performance career, Michael has also spent over 10 years teaching as a music teacher in special needs schools. During this time, he has honed his ability to connect with students and create engaging, meaningful learning experiences. He has a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of students with special needs and is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all.

As an educator, Michael is passionate about making music accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or abilities. He uses his expertise as a drummer and his extensive knowledge of music to help his students develop their skills, express their creativity, and build confidence. He believes that music has the power to transform lives and is dedicated to sharing this passion with his students.


Michael Di Cecco

Director of Yodelay Music

0425 738 752

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