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Classical Music Players

Professional Development: Amplifying Education

Are you looking for fresh ways to revitalize your school's approach to education? Imagine creating a classroom atmosphere where the influence of music and performing arts is embraced and naturally enhances your students' learning experience.

Michael has observed that many educators hold the misconception that specific skills and equipment are essential to effectively integrate the arts into daily classroom routines. He is determined to debunk this notion, asserting that regardless of a teacher's talents or access to musical equipment, performing arts is accessible to everyone.

About Michael Di Cecco:

Michael boasts a music performance and educational career spanning over two decades. He has worked in both mainstream and special needs schools. He possesses a natural passion for integrating music and performing arts into the classroom to harness and unlock the potential educational and cognitive benefits inherent in the arts.


The Magic of Music and Performing Arts:

Research consistently underscores the profound impact of music and performing arts on cognitive development, self-expression, and overall well-being. Infusing these elements into daily teaching methodology can engender a dynamic and inclusive learning atmosphere that caters to diverse learning styles, fostering holistic growth and prepares students for learning.


Our Empowering Professional Development:

Michael’s workshops are crafted to empower educators with practical tools, techniques, and the confidence required to seamlessly integrate music and performing arts into daily practice. The workshop is aimed at teachers who have no previous performing arts experience or knowledge.


The sessions encompass:

  • Exploring the Educational Power: Grasp the cognitive and emotional advantages of fusing music and performing arts into the class environment.

  • Application Across Subjects: Learn to weave music and performing arts into various subjects and the daily routine, heightening classroom engagement.

  • Fostering Collaboration and Self-Expression: Delve into how music and performing arts spur collaboration, self-assurance, and creative expression among students.

By engaging in this workshop, your staff will be equipped to:


  • Cultivate an inclusive and vibrant classroom atmosphere.

  • Amplify students' focus, memory retention, and self-expression.

  • Foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

  • Instill a sense of belonging and community among students.

  • Infuse joy and excitement into the journey of learning.

  • Awaken your inner performer and confidently lead your class through arts-based activities, even if you believe you don’t possess 'a musical bone in your body' or have easy access to musical instruments.


This professional development workshop costs $400+GST for the 1 hr session. Longer sessions can also be arranged. 

Get in Touch:

Embark on this transformative journey by reaching out to me at Together, let's nurture a generation of inspired learners, empower educators, and bring classrooms to life with the wonders of music and performing arts.


Michael Di Cecco

Director of Yodelay Music

0425 738 752

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